3D Sphere Animation

By 28 Apr ’14Other

As a creative person, I’m always pushing myself to learn new techniques, tricks, and ways to create things that I think are cool. And because I love sharing my results, I often create test pieces that are very polished. This video is a prime example of that. For the longest time I wanted to create a tech/futuristic style animation, but I didn’t have a specific project that fit the mold. So after stumbling upon a 3D sphere I created months ago, I finally decided I was going to do a test animation. Taking about four days in total to create, I am really happy with the results and I learned some great techniques I know I’ll use in future projects.

I definitely recommend you watch the video a couple times, and for one of them just focus on the 3D orb so you can soak in it’s 3D beauty!

The original morphing sphere was created in Cinema 4D and it was fairly simple to create (minus the rendering which took the better part of a week). From there I imported it into Adobe After Effects where I added in all the graphical elements, glitching effects and subtle animation nuances. Lastly, I blended the video with an altered down-beat song and some tech sounds effects that I manipulated to meet the video’s needs. Enjoy!



For those interested, here is a shot of what this setup looked like in Cinema 4D. One is what a rendered scene looks like with the orb, lights, and backdrop. The other is the raw wire-frame where you can see the lights, camera position and scene elements. Enjoy!

Cinema 4D Scene
Cinema 4D Scene