A Little About Me:

Justin is an experienced Animator, Editor, and Creative Director who collaborates with brands to tell their story in a compelling and engaging way. Justin has worked on everything from short explainer videos, to broadcast television shows, to advertisements displayed in the middle of Times Square. Having built a network of creative talent, Justin has proven the ability to work independently, or as a hired gun for an agency with an existing team structure.

Justin has a formal degree in Business Management, and almost a decade of experience working as a Creative Director, Video Producer, and Animator. He has worked on creative projects seen by millions of people around the globe, including: events, videos, digital experiences, large presentations, and online/social media content.

In a world that is becoming increasingly visual, this mix of both business and creative gives Justin a leg up. He’s able to see the big picture and deliver things that not only look good, but drive results.

Experience in: 2D/3D Animation, Video Editing, Creative Direction, Motion Graphics, Explainer Videos, Presentation Design, GIFs, Data Visualization, Sound Design/Editing, and more.



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