Aliens Attack Animation

By 11 Nov ’13Other

This week’s design piece is a fun one. Using a time lapse video I took over a year ago on the top of A-Mountain in Tempe, Arizona, I decided to spice up the footage with some fun (and cheesy) animation. You can see the original time lapse footage below.

Even though this animation is only 8 second long, it’s amazing how much detail you need to pack into some thing as simple as this to make it even semi believable. From depth of field, to camera shake, to shadows, and more, it goes to show that the devil is in the details when it comes to even a simple animation. With that, I think this little 8 second video/animation is pretty funny and I’m glad I was able to make some use out of footage I probably would have never used.

Final Version With Animation

When Aliens Attack Animation from Justin Poore on Vimeo.


Original time lapse footage:

Short Tempe Arizona Timelapse from Justin Poore on Vimeo.