Samurai Sword Infographic

By 1 Nov ’14Other

Inspired by a samurai infographic by Kevin Tong, I decided to make a complimentary samurai sword infographic piece that looked at the basics of the traditional Japanese samurai sword (AKA the katana). Now there are literally dozens of pieces and details that make up a katana. So many in fact that it would be almost impossible to cohesively fit them all into one graphic. So I decided to focus on the main pieces, and the parts that I thought would be most relevant to the average person. Below are some angled shots of the poster sized katana infographic, and of course directly below is the full graphic itself.

The full poster is a beautiful 12 by 24 inches, and it’s full of nice detail that you can really only see at full size. So, if you’re interested in having or getting the full thing printed, here is a download link to grab the full file: FULL POSTER (It’s 68MB). If for some reason the link doesn’t work, Click here to send me an email with the title “Samurai Sword Infographic”.

Samurai Sword Infographic

Japanese Sword Inforgraphic

Samurai Inforgraphic

Katana infographic

Samurai Sword Infographic

Samurai Mask infographic