The Weekly Design Piece 10/1/13

By 2 Oct ’13Other

This week’s weekly design is an animated piece I did for a presentation. I wanted to create a mockup that went far beyond a standard static image and present something that would wow the viewer. What I came up with was basically a mini commercial for the app that not only looks beautiful, but it was a very powerful sales tool. So what I did was take the animated mockup and re-purposed it into a little mini commercial for myself.

Animated Presentation from Justin Poore on Vimeo.

Cool right!?

With the new IOS 7 there are a lot of cool design nuances like the transparent header and some of the transitions, and I was able to incorporate those with some cool animation tricks within Adobe After Effects. So take a look at the video and don’t hesitate to contact me to learn how you can incorporate an animated presentation into your next pitch or meeting.