I was recently asked to create a 45 second preview for a luxury car event happening in Las Vegas (See finished video here: Click Me!). The challenge was I only had 36 hours to create and deliver the video. This time constraint meant that I couldn’t afford long render times. I had to create everything as quick and dirty as possible, but still have the final product look good.

What I ended up doing was creating some simple base 3D scenes, and then relying on post production to make the renders come to life. The key was that the base scenes rendered really quick, and that allowed me to spend more time in post production. I’m going to post the finished video in a later post, but take a look at how I was able to take a boring flat image and bring it to life. A lot of quick work went into this particular scene, and you can see all 10-11 elements I’ve added on top and how drastically they make a difference.

Programs used:

  • Cinema 4D and Dem Earth 2 for base land models
  • Google 3D Model Warehouse for model of racetrack
  • After effects for post production
  • Plexus for grid points


Render Post Production