2016 Demo Reel

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Here is my 2016 Demo Reel!

Lots of great project and clients this past year! Had the opportunity to create some great 2D and 3D animation, and work on some fun live action projects. Enjoy!

Free C4D House and Car Models

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Here are a free Cinema 4D house model and a free Cinema 4D car model from my Joy Ride video. A lot of great little detail elements in here that could be mixed and used for various other projects.

Image 7

Download House:

Download Car:

All the elements of the car and house were created by me from scratch, and the car even has a little bit of expresso so you can easily animate it. Feel free to share and use for whatever you want. Would love to hear how you use it!

Joy Ride Video:

3D Test Scenes

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If I’m not working on client stuff, you can usually find me goofing around with a handful of R&D test scenes. Here’s a few 3D test scenes that actually made it to render.

Star Wars Animation

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Put together a couple fun and simple looping animations with some great 3D Star Wars models from Video CoPilot. Both the Tie fighter and X-Wing videos are downloadable if you go to my Vimeo page. Use them and the GIFs below for whatever you want. Enjoy!



3D Exploding Car

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Found a really great 3D Fiat model from The Pixel Lab and couldn’t help but play around with it. I did all the animation, lighting and texturing, and you can find the free model HERE


Here’s a final high-res image that I’m currently using for my computer background 🙂

3D Fiat

3D Running Man

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As my first video of 2016, I started tinkering around with dynamics in Cinema 4D and ended up turning it into this fun Running Man short. Inspired by a video from Universal Everything, I started with a basic running man animation made from cubes, and then started pressing buttons and playing around with different settings until I came up with something cool.